1 noun (C, U)
1 a quantity of something such as time, money, or a substance
(+ of): a considerable amount of money | a small/large etc amount: It's best to cook vegetables in a small amount of water.
2 the level or degree to which a feeling, quality etc is present
(+ of): Her case has attracted an enormous amount of public sympathy. | a certain/fair amount of (=a fairly high level of something): Dina encountered a fair amount of envy among her colleagues.
3 no amount of sth will do sth used to say that something has no effect: No amount of persuasion could make her change her mind. | any amount of sth BrE (=a lot of): The school has any amount of resources and equipment.
USAGE NOTE: AMOUNT GRAMMAR Amount is usually used with uncountable nouns, and some people think this is the only correct use: a large amount of money/food/electricity/hard work. (Note that you do not usually say a high or big amount). With plural countable nouns it is best to use number: a large number of mistakes/people However, people often use amount with plural countable nouns when what they are talking about is thought of as a group: We didn't expect such a large amount of people. | an enormous amount of problems 2 verb amount to sth phrasal verb (transitive not in progressive)
1 if figures, sums etc amount to a particular total, they equal that total when they are added together: Time lost through illness amounted to 1,357 working days.
2 if an attitude, remark, situation etc amounts to something, it has the same effect: The court's decision amounts to a not-guilty verdict.
3 not amount to much/anything/a great deal etc to not seem important, valuable or successful: Her academic achievements don't amount to much.

Longman dictionary of contemporary English. 2004.

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